Kite and Camp!


For the lovers of a simple life. Camp in our cosy historic camper!


 Kite Camper


Wake up directly at the beach. Make yourself a healthy breakfast. And eat it outside in the morning sun before your kitesurf session.

The camper has a fully working kitchen with a gas stove. Refridgerator and sink.


Camper kitchen



After your session stroll back to the camper and have a refreshing outside shower. The camper does not have hot water. Its a simple outside shower for a simple life. However, there is a private toilet inside the camper.


Camper Toilet Camper sink


Eat out in one of tarifa's amazing restaurants or enjoy your home cooked dinner in the comfortable living area of the camper.

There is plenty of space to invite some friends and eat with 6 people.


Camper living space




To get ready for the next beach day you can sleep in comfort. The camper has a huge fixed bed for two people. And another 2 beds can be made by converting the seating area. 3/4 people can sleep comfortably in the van.


Camper bed





01-04 until 31-05

01-06 until 15-07

15-07 until 15-09

16-09 until 15-11


 30 per night  45 per night  60 per night  45 per night  250



It is not allowed for guests to drive the camper.

Electricity is limited in the camper. It is enough to charge 2 phones one time per day. But not enough to charge laptops or other devices.

If the camper is returned as clean as it was given then no cleaning fee is charged. However, if the camper is returned dirty, a 25 cleaning fee will be charged.

No smoking inside the camper.

Minimum stay of 2 nights.